E-reader producer allegedly spies on its users

According to The Digital Reader, the producer in question is Adobe.

Adobe is gathering data on the ebooks that have been opened, which pages were read, and in what order. All of this data, including the title, publisher, and other metadata for the book is being sent to Adobe’s server in clear text.

Apparently they are not only tracking actions performed by the e-reader itself:

I had not used ADE to load the files on to the ereader, and yet the app scanned them, made a list, and uploaded the list to Adobe.

The allegations, it seems, are:

  • Adobe is collecting data on the actions of its e-reader users.
  • Adobe is spying badly — sending user data in plain text, so that others might intercept it.
  • Adobe is scraping information on e-book files stored on the same device as the sneaky e-reader.

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