Rolling links 2

Another catch up. I have been mostly tweeting recently, and keeping my own notes — but I found myself looking up this archive recently for a submission, and I realised that it’s useful to keep everything in one place if possible.. so here’s a (very incomplete) catch up dump of various bits and pieces:

From Publishers Weekly: Alane Adams’ publishes a novel and a mobile game centered around a common story world. What’s more the game has geo elements.

The atlantic: The death of the artist and the birth of the creative entrepreneur

The Bookseller: A Futurebook 5 minute manifesto (2014)

The New Yorker: The decline of value / rise of viral

Guardian: Still being chased by @NaomiAllthenews‘s zombies (Zombies! Run!), so interested to see her piece on games and literature

New Statesman: @elizabethminkel‘s piece defining fan fiction. Power is as important as intertextuality.

An interesting review in the TLS by David Winters of Loving Literature: A Cultural History by Deirdre Shauna Lynch. ( — unfortunately it’s paywalled).

“she also mentions the contemporaneous taste for “book-kissing” as recounted by Leigh Hunt, who once caught Charles Lamb with his lips pressed against a copy of Chapman’s Homer.” listed 30 instances since 1902 that the novel has been declared dead.

A nice piece by Lincoln Michel at Electric Literature on the contested border between genre and literary fiction prompted by Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant and comments the author made about fantasy in an NYT interview.


Rolling link list.

I’m letting links get lost because I don’t have time to write up pieces on them. That’s stupid. So here is a list of pieces to which I’d like to return